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Author : Richard Mulholland | Coach : Don Packett

Published: 10/07/2019
Present the principles found in Legacide, by Richard Mulholland, to your team. Building an Evolving Organization Pt 1 - Is the business you were getting in the way of the business you could become? We all know that the highway of human progress is littered with the wrecks of companies that became the victim of their own success.

What you may not know is there's a name for this problem: Legacide – also known as the condition where strong, smart companies kill their innovative streak.

It's real and it's serious – but it has a solution.

This talk will get your team to take an honest look at the elements of your business that could be holding you back. It's primary job is to let them know that you are open to new thinking , and encourages them to share their ideas.

An ideal talk for businesses facing disruption (so, anyone really).

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