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Be a Better StorySeller |

Author : Richard Mulholland | Coach : Richard Mulholland

Published: 05/08/2019
There are two kinds of stories in sales: Yours, and those that matter. If you’re considering delivering this talk, you’re doing so because you have something that you want your team to get better at to improve their selling

Based on the eBook Good Story, Bro: Unleash the power of the StorySeller to unlock your business's potential by Richard Mulholland, your team will learn that the story that matters, the story worth selling - is their story (your customer's that is!).

Your stories are only important to them if you provide them with some entertainment, or help them write a better version of their own. The latter can make you famous, but it’s the former that’s going to get them to sign on the line that is dotted.

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