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Why you need to speak to your team.

I’ve run our other business, Missing Link, a presentation consultancy based out of South Africa since I was 22 (I’m 43 now). We have had amazing people, a great work ethic, a phenomenal culture, and even award-winning offices:

You’d think we’d have shiny happy people show up every day, right? Wrong.

Are they just ungrateful millennials that feel they deserve the world? No, we’re just a management team that falls under the curse of knowledge. We meet, we discuss, we change, we shake-up, we star, we stop, we hustle.

And we forget to explain why.

Every six months when an employee culture survey comes out, there are always complaints, and those complaints are pretty much always because we forgot to explain why we did something. We forgot to give our people a reason to care about the changes.

That’s why we started speaking to our teams on a regular basis – and that’s why we started TalkDrawer.

The unintended consequence is the great ideas they give us.

They feel involved, like part of the inner circle, and they act accordingly. That’s the gift we’re giving you!

The gift of engagement.

The gift of ideas.

The gift of a highly motivated team.

You’re welcome 🙂

So, engage with your people, lift the curse of knowledge, make it their journey – not just yours.



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