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Ever read a business book and thought, “Man, I’d love to present these insights to my team”? Well, now you can.

We turn the key lessons from business books into short talks for leaders to deliver to their teams.

How do we do that?

The biggest constraints to public speaking are time, content, and often a lack of confidence. Well, NO MORE. By offering a series of pre-created talks, each complete with coaching videos, slide decks, supporting content and interactive discussion points, we empower you, the leader to do just that. Lead.

Pre-created, coached talks inspired by business books

They cover a range of important topics such as sales, leadership, innovation, marketing and negotiation.
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Present with the confidence of a pro

Watch our tutorial videos and use our supporting content to empower you to present our pre-created talks like a pro.
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What you’ll get when signing up to TalkDrawer


Full access to all pre-created talks

We have a wide variety of talks and slide decks that cover a range of topics such as sales, leadership, innovation, marketing and negotiation.


New talks uploaded weekly

TalkDrawer is designed around you delivering a talk every week to your team. We'll be sure to keep the fresh content coming.


Coaching videos to get you presenting like a pro

Each talk comes with a coaching video to help teach you how to present like a pro.


Need crib notes? We've got them

Each talk comes with a wealth of supporting content to further help you deliver a clear and concise presentation to your team.


Post talk feedback from your team

We'll email a survey to your team after each talk to get feedback on your delivery, the relevance of the content , as well written commitments to actions they will take.


The ability to create a culture of learning

Share insights and lessons from global thought leaders with your team.

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